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This week activity in Eisen  ! #eisen #eisen_dev

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we updated the web site ! 💗  #eisen #eisen_dev Also fixed some bug in eisen engine and eisen front.

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do you have any question about Eisen? Join our Slack!  to get setup. #eisen_dev #slack #eisen

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Debugging code

dents Sun Mar 6 10:04:37 2016
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This next month i will have a new University exam, so i will be more slow on replay about eisen, i will try anyway to keep a high quality.

I'm unfortunatly, from my prevision, taking more time for building a user friendly virtual image for problem with vagrant on cygwin.

tomorrow i will be at women techmakers tokyo and i will available for any question.
after tomorrow i will do a little presentation of eisen engine at tokyo pyladies.

Posted Fri Mar 18 15:49:31 2016

Don't commit generated files
Today I started from css, at first we introduced it with the generated files, but now that we are using vagrant for developing such files are not needed and dosen't have to be maintained under a revision system as best practice.
instead the vagrantfile now is containing a simple

echo -e "\n--- Updating css ---\n"
gem install compass
cd /vagrant/webd
compass compile

After finishing to autocreate the css file i moved to make the init service.
At first like I said in the previous post i thought to use supervisor, but i got into a problem, supervisor is requiring to specify the enviroment variable, and celery+ansible was claming about such call. giving a "muxserver_listen bind(): Operation not permitted" error.

so i used instead LSB-init and all started to work.
you can see all the file here

Because of this, I'm starting to make actual releasing box using
vagrant package --output

And if I'm not too late happy pi day #piday from eisen

Posted Tue Mar 15 15:39:23 2016

This week was a also enough busy, studying for exams.
Anyway now i have a bit of freetime and I'm going on developing eisen.

As now I'm trying to make the init file for autostart eisen front and eisen engine using supervisor and making translation in English and Japanese for gettext.

The news of this week are:

eisen website

eisen documentation

  • Added the freenode channel #eisen
  • Added explanation about cloning git repository before using vagrant up (thanks to ytooyama)

eisen front

  • Added language switcher in the Settings options
  • Fixed the recipe and tasks modals
  • Added recipe registration
  • Adding the Host Manager as active by default.
  • Creating the DB for monolog at DB creation.

eisen engine

  • Fixed bug on adding recipe
  • Added recipe example for testing
Posted Mon Mar 14 03:09:27 2016

I come back from a school trip in Gunma,
and started to get up with eisen issue,
but i will be busy studing until 03月08日 because of a school exam.

Eisen fixed issue in this few days (01~04) are manly little issue:
#60 using vagrantfile transpiling typescript to javascript
#62 write on the Eisen Front readme the browser where we tested Eisen

please be free to try Eisen with also different browser and open a bug request if there is any problem

If you find any issue with Eisen Front or Eisen Engine,
please submit a bug report

If you want to contribute,
check the contribution section in the Documentation

For Eisen Installing information please check the Documentation

Posted Fri Mar 4 18:45:06 2016

From 23 to 29 I will be in nagano, so I probably cannot get up with eisen issue this week,
but i will enjoy a bit of snow after many months of just studing and coding :)

and if you are not afraid to touch the code,
you are anyway welcome to help opening issue and sending pull request:

or send message to twitter:

If I have bandwith I will anyway try to replay to issue question :D

in the mean time please enjoy some screenshot:

Posted Tue Feb 23 01:54:29 2016

We also made amazing sticker for your notebook.
Get yours at "オープンソースカンファレンス2016 Tokyo/Spring" Eisen booth.



Posted Tue Feb 23 01:45:08 2016

Eisen は Ansible を利用したリモートからのパッケージ・ジョブタスク管理用 OSS Web アプリケーションです。


Posted Tue Feb 23 01:41:51 2016

pull requestで誰でもコントリビューションが出来ます。


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This Month was so much busy... as usual...

This time took me so much time thinking about what to write here i don't know why.

Anyway I'm making Pyherd
a simple project for retrive herd and maintainer e-mail from xml metadata,
is not finished yet, but my intent is to make it work with pybugz for managing the bugzilla Gentoo
bugz directly from command line and make the Bug-wranglers job more easy.

I tried to use python-for-android for compile a dictionary midori,
it tooks so many time to make python for androidi work because
of some incompatibility with recent android-ndk version but it worked using
ANDROIDAPI=14 and export ANDROIDNDKVER=r8e issue.
so i contribute adding pyparsing-recipe needed for make the dictionary work.
Someone on irc also told be to use --orientation=sensor in the arguments
for use the mobile phone orientation sensor, really helpfull.

I also get interested in Virgil and started to write some code but I need more pratice,
so nothing interesting for now.

I was also present at Open Source Conference fall 2013 #osc13tk with Gentoo booth and i had lot of fun!
thanks to everyone!!!
sorry if i was not always at the booth.
I gived also a lightining talk about how to join Gentoo,
this time in english but next time for sure in japanese.
thanks for all the twitter message !
And let's help in Gentoo project always more!
there are always many things to do!


You can find the presentation slide here How to join Gentoo and why
please if you think that something is not correct or imprecise send a pull request!
i'm working also at the japanese translation to use next time.

I posted some git ebuild patch:
and a freebsd ebuild patch:
BUG 482512 about error: 'CTLTYPE_QUAD' undeclared (first use in this function)
And doing Bug-wranglers work on daily basis.

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