Don't commit generated files
Today I started from css, at first we introduced it with the generated files, but now that we are using vagrant for developing such files are not needed and dosen't have to be maintained under a revision system as best practice.
instead the vagrantfile now is containing a simple

[[!format Error: unsupported page format bash]]

After finishing to autocreate the css file i moved to make the init service.
At first like I said in the previous post i thought to use supervisor, but i got into a problem, supervisor is requiring to specify the enviroment variable, and celery+ansible was claming about such call. giving a "muxserver_listen bind(): Operation not permitted" error.

so i used instead LSB-init and all started to work.
you can see all the file here

Because of this, I'm starting to make actual releasing box using
vagrant package --output

And if I'm not too late happy pi day #piday from eisen