Updated my Wget alias command for download attachments file from bugzilla with login, now I added --content-disposition:
- first make the cookies file
wget --save-cookies wget-cookies.txt --cookies=on --output-document=logindetails.html http://bugzilla_site/bugzilla/index.cgi?Bugzilla_login=username@email.com\&Bugzilla_password=password\&GoAheadAnd
- then in .bashrc or .zshrc:
alias wgetDL='wget --load-cookies ~/bin/wget-cookies.txt --content-disposition'

       If this is set to on, experimental (not fully-functional) support for "Content-Disposition" headers is enabled. This can currently  
       result in extra round-trips to the server for a "HEAD" request, and is known to suffer from a few bugs, which is why it is not  
       currently enabled by default.  

       This option is useful for some file-downloading CGI programs that use "Content-Disposition" headers to describe what the name of a  
       downloaded file should be.  

Reported Fix upstream for:
Bug 450742 - (CVE-2012-6086) net-analyzer/zabbix: Improper use of cURL API might lead to improper SSL certificate verification (MiTM) (CVE-2012-6086)

From zabbix.com report ZBX-5924 in 2.0.8 this problem is been fixed in 1.8.18rc1, 2.0.8rc1, 2.1.2
so now i can use more uptdated Curl because the old one had some problem on work with Freebsd

Yesterday i got editing priviledge on Gentoo Bugzilla for helping in The Gentoo Bug Wranglers Project, Thanks to TomWij for advocating and mentoring :)

Made zabbix ebuild for 2.0.8 and posted on BUG-482810 i removed the curl restriction and updated to EAPI=5, tested on freebsd and looks working.

Checked about making ebuild for bhyve and Vramsteg
Vramsteg have no package so i think to make a 9999 ebuild for get it directly for git in the meantime

I also requested to be added in the larrythecow.org planet FL-698

I'm requesting a booth space at the OSC Tokyo Fall 2013 for Gentoo-jp community, so if you pass by, please say Hello :)

And I'm intesifying my Japanese study so my gentoo activity will be a bit slow...