This week was so busy...
So i couldn't do much :/ but i hope is enough...

Zabbix 2.0.8 as been bumped in CVS \o/
Bump for Zabbix-2.0.8, Thanks to Alice Ferrazzi and
Rodrigo Severo - Closes bug BUG-482810.

I could manage only two BugWrangler:
BUG-483570 BUG-483502

I made Vramsteg ebuild:
Adds progress-bar capability to a script/program.
Anomaly ebuild:
Can detect anomalous data in a numeric stream.
Clog ebuild:
Is a colorized log tail utility.

Made a patch for =app-portage/mirrorselect-? with =dev-lang/python-3.2 - TypeError: 'module' object is not callable
BUG 483232

found a problem on fowners root:root
Freebsd have no root group using fowners root:0 /var/cache/revdep-rebuild/ for freebsd compatibility, thx to Yuta SATOH BUG-484006

Thanks @drobbins and all #Funtoo team for adding me in planet :D

and still have to request a booth space at the OSC Tokyo Fall 2013 for Gentoo-jp community, so if you pass by, please say Hello :)