This Month was so much busy... as usual...

This time took me so much time thinking about what to write here i don't know why.

Anyway I'm making Pyherd
a simple project for retrive herd and maintainer e-mail from xml metadata,
is not finished yet, but my intent is to make it work with pybugz for managing the bugzilla Gentoo
bugz directly from command line and make the Bug-wranglers job more easy.

I tried to use python-for-android for compile a dictionary midori,
it tooks so many time to make python for androidi work because
of some incompatibility with recent android-ndk version but it worked using
ANDROIDAPI=14 and export ANDROIDNDKVER=r8e issue.
so i contribute adding pyparsing-recipe needed for make the dictionary work.
Someone on irc also told be to use --orientation=sensor in the arguments
for use the mobile phone orientation sensor, really helpfull.

I also get interested in Virgil and started to write some code but I need more pratice,
so nothing interesting for now.

I was also present at Open Source Conference fall 2013 #osc13tk with Gentoo booth and i had lot of fun!
thanks to everyone!!!
sorry if i was not always at the booth.
I gived also a lightining talk about how to join Gentoo,
this time in english but next time for sure in japanese.
thanks for all the twitter message !
And let's help in Gentoo project always more!
there are always many things to do!


You can find the presentation slide here How to join Gentoo and why
please if you think that something is not correct or imprecise send a pull request!
i'm working also at the japanese translation to use next time.

I posted some git ebuild patch:
and a freebsd ebuild patch:
BUG 482512 about error: 'CTLTYPE_QUAD' undeclared (first use in this function)
And doing Bug-wranglers work on daily basis.